Friday, February 18, 2011

Rhythm Super Foods Crispy Kale Chips

A few weeks ago Rhythm Superfoods sent me samples of their new Crispy Kale Chips. I've wanted to try kale chips for years! They are posted on nearly every popular blog around and apparently a cinch to make.. but really isn't it fun just to be able to grab a bag of gluten free chips from the store?

I was very impressed with these chips. Initially I wasn't exactly sure how I would like them and I didn't know what to expect. I love kale... but eaten as a dried chip I just wasn't sure...

I have no idea what I was waiting for! These chips were delicious! I love that this company is vegan, so the chips are not only gluten free, but they are dairy free and soy free as well. No guilt. Healthy, crispy, crunchy goodness!

Rhythm Superfoods Crispy Kale Chips - Zesty Nacho Flavor

My favorite flavor was the "Zesty Nacho"  while hubs preferred the "Kool Ranch."  I LOVED how CHEESY the Nacho flavor tasted without any cheese at all! They make a vegan "sauce" using a combination of cashews, nutritional yeast, red pepper, and other seasonings. Our least favorite flavor was the "Bombay Curry" which tasted nothing like curry to us and we didn't like the coconut aftertaste.

These chips were extremely crunchy and tasted very fresh. This is a snack that I wish was available in gas stations around the country. This is something I know I could pick up on a road trip and I wouldn't feel guilty about eating it. I love that you can have your veggies with lots of flavor and real crunch. They taste like a treat. I also love that these chips contain little sodium compared to most "crunchy" snacks. Go Rhythm for making healthy and crispy snacks!

The packaging is super cute and fun to read. I am the wierdo that will even read the bottom of the bag and they even had fun stuff printed there.

I'd definitely eat & buy Rhythm Crispy Kale Chips and I give them an overall A-.

Check out Rhythm Super Foods and if you try them let me know what you think!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE! those things. Problem is, the bag never survives the trip from Whole Foods.